Walking Cast Boots / Post Operative Shoe Houston and Austin, Texas

foot x ray Houston tx

Walking boots $95.00
Air-Cast walking boots $125.00
Post-operative shoes $15.00
Cast covers for bathing after surgery $20.00

Some of our smallest body parts can cause some of our biggest pain. Correction of contracted or bent toes can be as complicated as a bunion Walking cast boots/Post operative shoes and other "Durable Medical Equipment" can be some of the costliest items in medicine. Dispensed by the doctor's office, medical equipment supplier charges for these items can be hundreds of dollars. Items that can not be readily purchased over-the-counter are available in the office to prevent patients from being over charged.surgery or as easy as a Band-Aid surgery, done in the office, healed in a week. A proper evaluation is required to determine which you need.



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